About Simon

'God's gift for you' is Simon Jacobsen’s evangelistic ministry

Simon Jacobsen is married to Kaja, they have two children, Carsten and Helene, and four grandchildren. Simon grew up on a farm in North Jutland and has been a Christian for most of his life.

He studied theology in Wales, Sweden, and Denmark for a total of four years. For 10 years he was pastor and for more than 40 years he has been active in church life.

For 15 years Simon Jacobsen was pioneering Christian television as the Scandinavian Director for GOD TV, the global Christian television channel, where thousands have been saved.

Throughout his adult life he has had a passion to reach people with the gospel and today he teaches on the subject, 'How to get success as fisher of men' at Bible schools and churches throughout the Scandinavian countries.

He writes and also produces contemporary material written in such a way that modern man will want to read about the good news and receive Jesus as Savior.

What he wants to teach others are things that have been part of his own life and ministry. For several years he went ministering from door to door and also stood on the square of his hometown talking to people about the gospel.

Right from his childhood Simon attended many Christian circles. His best friend in childhood was Lutheran, he attended a Baptist Sunday school, and he also followed his parents in attending the Apostolic Church. For several years he was head of an interdenominational youth ministry in Hjørring.

Simon is now in the process of writing a revival history about the 17 different church denominations that have been active at Løkken for the last 150 years.

During the years as Scandinavian Director for GOD TV, Simon build up a unique base of contacts with Scandinavian church leaders of most denominations, including the Lutheran churches and the Catholic Church.

Evangelism and reformation has been in the blood of the family for centuries. As a curiosity, Simon Jacobsen is researching his genealogy and very likely his great-grandfather no. 13 was Skipper Clement, a captain and leader of the peasant rebellion, who helped to promote the Reformation in Denmark. It is claimed that Skipper Clement’s genealogy goes back to King Harald Bluetooth, who thus is Simon's great-grandfather no. 25.

King Harald who became a Christian and was baptized in 965, claimed that he made the Danes Christians.