The Bible, God's Gift for You

The latest addition of tools we are launching for Fishers of Men is a pocket Bible - a New Testament with life stories and testimonies of what Jesus has done in people's lives. We have made this Bible together with the organization, Bible for the Nations, which has produced hundreds of thousands of special Bibles in many versions in more than 15 languages.

The Biker Bible and The Street Bible are two of  Bible for the Nations very well known special Bibles. Read more at We have not yet produced our bible in English, but we can offer you 'Jesus Bible' in English, the same bible with another cover.

'The Bible, God's gift for You', in Danish 'Biblen Guds gave til dig' is a very nice compact Bible (14.7 x 9.7 cm) - and is the whole of the New Testament plus 128 pages of powerful, exciting and interesting stories of what Jesus has done in people's lives.

A Swedish edition 'Bibln Guds Gåva till dig' was launched  i 2013 and we expect to launch the Danish edition in 2015.

Congregations and churches are invited to work together with us to develop this exciting project where we would like to have powerful Danish testimonies. As a start, 5,000 copies will be printed of 'Biblen Guds gave til dig'.

Congregations and churches who pre –order may get up to a full page with their name, logo and contact details. The Bibles are expected to be delivered in 2015/16. By pre-booking, very low prices are offered.

Price is DKK 69.00.

Here is the deal for both small and large congregations:

100 Bibles with 1/5 page for information from a local church   Ea. DKK 33.00

250 Bibles with ¼ page for information from a local church      Ea. DKK 30.00

500 Bibles with ½ page for information from a local church      Ea. DKK 28.00

1,000 Bibles with 1/1 for information from a local church         Ea. DKK 28.00

Churches who order 2,000 Bibles will receive 1/1 page for their information including church name plus logo on the cover.            Ea. DKK 25.00

The Bibles are delivered by Bible for the Nations Sweden. All prices are in Danish Kroner, are including VAT, but excluding shipping costs.

We also invite organizations, businesses and churches to advertise in ‘The Bible, God's Gift To You':

The price for adds

1/1 page DKK 12,000 kr.
1/2 page DKK 7,000,
1/4 page DKK 4,000.