The mini Book - God's gift for you

The first tool we produced for fisher of men, was 'The mini Book of life - God's gift for you', now translated into five languages and so far printed in 48,000 copies.

'The mini Book of life - God's gift for you' is written and designed so that modern man will want to read the simple message on how to receive God's gift, Jesus, and eternal life. Its compact size means that you can easily put a few in your pocket or purse. This makes it easy to always be prepared to share your faith with non-Christian friends, neighbors, colleagues and others in your network when a favorable moment arises.

On an average, every Christian has 25 to 50 non-Christians in his or her network. A Norwegian study shows that people around us expect for us to be more active in sharing our faith.

It is said that 70% of the growth in congregations come from members of contacts - family, friends, colleagues and other networks. Therefore this is a great little book to give to those, you want to see in heaven.

Read the mini book by clicking on this link.

'God's Gift for You' is a great mini book of 48 pages with a non-glossy laminated soft cover and glued with a flat back. Full color printing on all sides and gold print on the cover. Size 10 x 8.5 cm. Price: DKK 29.95.

We offer to produce this beautiful little mini book as a special edition printed with the name, logo and contact information of the church. Price for 500 pcs. only DKK 5,000.


1 pcs.  DKK 29.95
12 pcs. DKK 250.00
50 pcs.  DKK 900.00
100 pcs. DKK 1,500.00

All prices are including VAT, but plus shipping.

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