Boarding Pass To Heaven

One day at the Scandinavian office of GOD TV at Hjørring, Simon Jacobsen mentioned to Sven-Axel Conrad, who worked with Simon at GOD TV for a number of years, that for a long time he had been thinking about making a tract designed as a ticket to heaven. This is where the idea about a boarding pass for heaven was born. During recent years thousands of copies of ‘Boarding Pass To Heaven’ have been produced in different languages.

Most people love to travel and know they need a boarding pass to get onboard a plane. Therefore, it is easy to get in contact with non-Christians, on the street or elsewhere, by offering a free boarding pass. This will give you the opportunity to tell them about the way to heaven - life's most important journey.

Many people today travel ‘all inclusive’, but not many are aware that the journey to heaven is ‘all inclusive and also ‘pre paid’.

‘Boarding Pass to Heaven’ is a modern tract for the church outreach team and others.

‘Boarding Pass to Heaven’ we produce in special editions for churches and individuals, who have their own text and contact information on the backside.

It is delivered in the size 20 x 8 cm, same size and quality as the plane boarding pass. The only difference is that it can be opened and the terms for the trip are described inside.

We do not have the boarding pass in stock. The least order is 1,000 Pcs.


1,000 Pcs.  DKK 2,000
2,000 Pcs.  DKK 3,500
5,000 Pcs.  DKK 6,000

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